Boost Your Property's Appearance With Kensington Windows

Boost Your Property's Appearance With Kensington Windows

Machine and Man installs Kensington glass windows in Windsor and Loveland, CO

Whether you want bay, bow or garden windows on your property, Machine and Man of Windsor & Loveland, CO has the perfect vinyl and steel products for you. Kensington windows are an affordable option for enhancing the appearance and energy efficiency in your home or commercial building.

Why do we use Kensington products?

There are many window products on the market. However, Machine and Man chooses to work with Kensington materials because they are timeless, stylish, elegant and of the highest quality. These products are:

  • Available in a variety of styles
  • Durable and require little maintenance
  • Insulated and weathertight

All Kensington windows are backed by a lifetime warranty. You can enjoy your windows for years to come!

Are you ready to install Kensington windows on your Windsor & Loveland, CO property? Call 970-412-4926 to schedule an appointment with Machine and Man.